are-you-crazyI have been asked by several clients, all over the age of 35, if it’s really necessary to have a website? My answer is always a polite ARE U CRZY?
Listen and read up all wanna be entrepreneurs over the age of 35: You absolutely, must, without a shadow of a doubt, unequivocally, definitely, H to the ECKY yeah, gotta have a website!!!

The business card use to be the item that told the world that one is serious about his business. Now it’s the website. You will not be taken seriously without one.

I know that means a whole new set of learning skills and another expense but it’s not that bad. There are FREE, people-friendly, sites available out there. Do a search or just go to WordPress and get started.

If you to quit your job and start a business and want it to be taken so seriously by your people that they’ll pay you money, then you must have a website.

Before You Quit Your Job Here are 3 Things You Should NOT Do

yeaa for quitting your jobSo you’re going to quit your job and start your business this year. YEEEEA YOU!

Before you quit your job read these 3 things you should NOT do.

when you are ready to quit your job don't become a slacker

just because you’re ready to quit your job doesn’t mean you can become a slacker

DO NOT start slacking off. When you start entertaining your passion and your creativity, your job will become even more of a drag. However, since you are clocking in everyday and collecting a paycheck you owe them quality work. No researching your target market or daydreaming about the future opportunities. Do your work.

DO NOT try to take others with you! This is not the time to start quoting statistics about the success of entrepreneurs or the virtues of entrepreneurship!  Don’t defame your boss or managers and keep all negativity about the company and its policies to yourself. Often times we do this, consciously, to influence others or unconsciously to get approval. Pay attention to your motives, stay focused on your plans and leave others alone.

DO NOT leave without a two-week resignation. Okay if you have a new 6 figure client who

give 2 wks notice and write a REAL resignation letter.

give 2 wks notice and write a REAL resignation letter.

has already started paying you and your 9 to 5 is hindering you from satisfying the client then rethink the 2week resignation. Most of us don’t leave a job with something like that in the bucket. So write up your resignation letter and give it to your boss as well as the Human Resource department. Be a professional.

Keep in tuned with this website as I will walk with you along your new life’s journey of quitting your job and starting your business!

Let’s Start that Business

Ok! The world has ended and restarted. You can move past the fear and go forward with your business idea. Planning is crucial. So before you quit your job to start your business make sure you have your steps laid out for the year.

Chapter 1 of The Step by Step Guide on How to Quit Your Job and Start Your Business covers:

  • 10 hard questions that challenge your commitment
  • Survey to help you resolve your determination
  • List of values to help you sort what’s important

Here are two questions for you to ponder as you work out your plan.

boss page 1







“The man on top of the mountain did not fall there.” -anonymous

How to Turn Your Idea Into a Business

Here I am interviewed by Jo Anne White on how to turn your idea into a business. This is a great interview to listen to if you are working a full time job and still trying to figure out how to start a business.


  • How to discover your passion
  • How any business can make money
  • How H.E.A.R.T. goals can help you manifest your business

Just click on the link and listen to Joanne’s Show Power Your Life Radio about How to Turn Your Idea Into a Business

How To Turn Your Idea Into A Business